Our School

Welcome to Meigle Primary

Meigle is a great school because we have mini beast
gardens, bird feeders and lots of toys for us to play with.
We are an eco school, an eco school is a school that
recycles lots of things.
We even use rain water to water the plants. We also have
a compost bin and here are some of the things that we
put into it banana peelings, the core of apples, and any
thing that is biodegradable can go into the big black
recycling bin.

We are not a big school there are only fifty nine children
and about six staff. There are three classroom and two
offices. I like this school because I do not like big
schools. In a small school teachers talk to your more
often and you get more choice.

Click on the links to find out more about our school. I
hope you like our website.

By Amy